greasy, greasy

shoe went back to the wee ramen street in meguro, lookin for a good noontime fix. shoe didnt count on getting it all in fatty globules coating his esophagus.

hope tries to pass isself off as a mild-mannered bowl, with the shops havin' a woodsy interior, kinda stylish, all that lot. but don't be fooled! the black heart of hope is the seething, grubby juice of the fascist nation.

this bowl is a serious contender for the 'gots to get me a heart-attack quick like' crown. massive doses o fatty tissue, an you can even choose how big your down-payment on that heart attack will be. shoe went for 'futsuu', which was enough for any mortal to handle. shoe even gambled wit his life an got an egg thrown in the mix.

now don't be gettin' shoe all wrong here, the bowl isn't awful or anything. in fact, it's got a good base, an the noodles can hold their own. just make sure you gots your life insurance all sorted oot befo' ya go, or just get the assari version.

iffn you want to see the real face o hope, just head down to sendagaya an eat at the standin' ramen stall there. all the taxi drivers in tokyo hit that joint at all hours of the day, with heavin' baskets o sliced raw onion for the sloppy masses.

three grease patties for hope, may da lord have mercy on yer soul


damn, a good bowl! koton-men in the setagaya, on the ultraman shoutengai. ultra kotteri, phat-ass shorty noodles, goes well with the nori, and some noice jibbly chashew to top it all.

for those who been wit shoe since waay back, y'all remember the aka-daigo, one o the first ramens to put shoe on the path to ramen appreciation. alas, it is no more, and shoe has been looking ever since to have a weepy bowl that comes close..

well, this one comes pretty damm close. AND... he spied some good ole pork-blocky goodness lurking amongst the toppings on the master's counter... this will demand a return trip.

shoe's gonna give this one three ultramans, the only thing this ramen didn't do was spray frikkin' laser beams

tokyo nature preserve

ahh the great indoors..

shoe, where ya been, dogg?

ahhh yesh, even in foreign lands, there is the goodness o ramen to be had..

yea, shoe is back from the thailand, where the beaches were beachy, the jungles jungley, an the massages .. pleasant.

ay-yight. the ramen. last nite in the bangkok, shoe sampled a bit o some displaced homegrown. nothing that would be out of place in shinjuku, to be sure. a bit o' the mephitic lurk, but after days an days o garlick attacks from the local cuisine, nothin' the shoe noticed later. other versions on the menu were simply clogged wit the negi, or waaay too hot to be believed. shoe chose wisely, and ended up with a solid, filling bowl.

shoe's poo is solid again, the holiday is over.

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